@Jake | A play date


The son of the Inn keeper sat at the table, slicing apples as a snack for his son. Being a parent was a strange and hard job, much more work than helping his father run the Inn or working in the weapons shop. Some humans were coming and going, as it was about midday, and he paid no mind to them. 

Instead he focused on preparing things for Orland and trying to avoid killing something.

Kyle strode with steady steps to the Inn, smiling. He wasn’t technically a proper parent yet, but he loved being Aria’s dad! He was surprised by Aria’s request to set up a playdate with Orland, but he didn’t mind too much. As far as he could tell, Orland was a good kid, if somewhat cold and socially awkward.

He reached the Inn, stepping in. He sighed internally. This would be the hard part- he suspected Jake wouldn’t like this at all and would attempt to refuse.

Seeing the elf sitting at the table, he slid into the seat opposite to Jake- he hadn’t forgotten Jake’s attempt to murder him. Smiling warily, he spoke.

"Hey, Jake! How’s Orland?"

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